The World is Waiting…

Sumi ink on Pastel Paper – words: Maeterlinck

These are strange times we are living through. I said that phrase in four different conversations today. Each time I said it the person I was talking with totally agreed. Much of our conversations revolved around what life is like now and how this is most likely our new ‘normal’. The time we used to spend doing, going, hurrying through to get things done has been erased and silence is now more a part of our lives again.

This quote reminded me that “great things fashion themselves” through silence. For these social distancing times those long periods of silence may allow us to find ourselves again if we are willing to travel that far. Will our lives go back to the hustle and bustle of our pre-COVID-19 days? Will we have learned anything about ourselves, enough to make a few tweaks or changes to live a more peaceful life? Or will we we so shell shocked to be back together that we will binge ourselves right back into the hurried madness of previous days? Or will we land somewhere in the middle?

Time will tell. Silence helps us remember who we are and where we want to go. Silence helps us calm down and savor the happenings of the day. Silence allows us to truly listen and interact with the people in our lives which confirms how much they mean to us. Silence gives us the brain space to think new thoughts and build new ideas.

So what great things will you fashion out of your silence? The world is waiting…

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