You Never Know Where it Will Lead

Marker on Grey Tone Paper – Words: Frank Lloyd Wright

It is amazing what our mind can believe, imagine and process through to implementation. Be it straight lines or curves, new ideas or something that challenges the laws of physics anything we can imagine is possible if we are able and willing to work hard. It all starts with an idea.

One idea has the power to save us from anything. It can give us hope and the strength to overcome any obstacle. An idea can build or destroy, it all depends on how it is developed. Being willing to push the known towards the unknown is the beginning of creating a whole new world. As an Architect Frank LLoyd Wright reinvented concepts and installed them in ways that no one had ever seen before. He inspired an entire movement and continues to influence design all over the globe. All of that began because he had an idea and was willing to pursue it.

Each day ideas flood our brains. Thoughts we think about further or things we want to discuss and comb through, we even have ideas that seem insane. The ‘crazy’ people are the ones who dare to give their ideas time and energy. What idea do you have that just needs a bit more baking time before you are ready to give it some attention? Write it down, or in this case Wright it down. You never know where it will lead.

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