The Best Place Can be Home Sweet Home

Gel Print & Gel pens

It was a cooler day today and we have had a family emergency recently, so no one really felt like doing anything productive. I dug around my art table and found this scrap from a recent gel print. I was glad to be home and blessed with everyone around so the only text I could think of was Home Sweet Home.

All of us are realizing the power and importance of where we live. For the first time in our lives we have had to spend weeks at home with very little reprieve. The things we have chosen to live with and the people in our lives are nearer and dearer than ever before.

Or they aren’t. There are many people who are homeless, unemployed, unable to cope alone or working everyday to survive a treacherous home life. Whatever the situation was before the pandemic, social distancing may be making it worse. They live each day in fear and dread with little sign that the end is near.

Let us give thanks if we live in a safe and healthy place. Let us give prayers and donations to organizations that support families in turmoil. Life can change in an instant and none of us is immune from fear. So give a big wave to the ones you love – via the internet, email, a phone call or text – and support those who need it most. Everyone deserves a home sweet home.

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