Springtime: Can I Get an AMEN!

Sumi ink & Pentel Color Brush Pens on Rice Paper –
Words: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

It’s week seventeen of our fifty week calligraphy challenge, and this week it was Springtime as a prompt. With one caveat, do not use the word Spring. I played with spring shapes and making a flower garden for this prompt none of which suited my standards. I then remembered a wise teacher once told me, when in doubt go simple. So I did. I like the way the ink bled in both the green letters and the black in the middle of the flower.

Sometimes simple is best. It is hard to believe when our idea calls for something elaborate and elegant like the Declaration of Independence. Therefore we struggle and over engineer and work through multiple attempts until we “settle” on the simple solution. We end up at simple out of exhaustion or anger, anxiety or even sheer disgust. However we get there the end result is beyond what we imagined and beautifully simple.

Think about all that time we spend over doing it, when in reality the simple idea is the best. And yet sometimes the only way to get to simple is to fail, and try and fail again. I would not have produced anything like this piece had it not been for failures, frustration and utter dismay. Negative emotions that led to a wonderfully simple result. I couldn’t have gotten to the simple without struggling through the complex. If learning truly has occurred I will try the simple solution first next time…can I get an AMEN!

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