Some Days Ya’ Just Keep Moving

Markers on Mystery Watercolor Paper

It was one of those days when I had nothin’. There were no ideas coming and I had nothing in progress. The need to produce definitely out weighted the thoughts in my head. Knowing I had to do something I ‘doodled’ in one of my watercolor sketch books with a random bunch of letters.

These are those days when you made the commitment but the passion and ideas are not there to help act. So what to do? Give in and do nothing? Try something new? Test a bunch of anything just to try and start a fire? Or go back to the basics and go simple. In this case for me going back to the basics helped produce something and actually re-ignited some creative juices.

Some days life just gets in the way of everything else we have to do – like being forced to stay home when you really want to go, go, go! We can give in and let the circumstances snuff our commitment into dust, or we can just keep moving. For me this was a day when I had to just keep moving. I had to remind myself that no matter the emotion of the day I want to be a person who lives up to my promises. That means doing things even when the emotion, passion and feelings do not support doing that thing. I reminded myself that the end game is more important than the emotions of the moment. And after a third reminder I opened the book, pulled out a pen and got to work.

Maybe today or this week or even this month you feel very blah. That’s normal, we all feel that way every now and then. The key is to just keep moving, do something,. A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest. You might want to rest so just keep moving, do something, anything and keep your body, ideas, thoughts and hopes in motion.

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