What is Needed to be Violent & Original

All of us live with stereotypes due to our demographics. These are the things people assume about us because of the way we look, where we live, or any other element of our exterior. Those stereotypes put us in a box which can be hard to overcome.

Most people think artists are scatterbrained and unorganized, that due to their creativity and ingenuity they live odd lives. The more creative the artist is the more people assume they are weird. If you know any successful artists the more profitable ones are organized, disciplined and dedicated. This quote provides confirmation that the stereotype of flighty and flakey artists doesn’t work in the long term.

The decisions we make everyday about our time, our money, and our health build a foundation for the rest of our lives. If that foundation is not solid the rest of our world quickly falls apart. It is hard to push the edge of creativity and ingenuity when the ground on which you stand is crumbling to pieces. It takes consistency and courage to live a ‘regular and orderly’ life. Nothing flashy, staying within your means and taking control of your money. It isn’t sexy or elaborate, it means making decisions for the long term instead of the short pleasure. People who do have the freedom to go wild in their work. They can push boundaries because they know where they stand.

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