Know What You Want to Risk

Ink on Blue Tone Paper – Words: Jeanette Winterston

We all values different things. Some value money and what it can buy, others value relationships and what they bring to our lives. Some people find their self worth in their career while others value their ability to serve others and the community. There are many other things that bring value to our lives, more than we can possibly imagine.

When I read this quote from Jeanette Winterston it made me think about the things I risk and what that reveals about my own character. I have made a pledge to myself and my readers to blog and post a piece of my artwork every day for a year. In our area we had a tornado roll through on Sunday night. We were without power for a long time and still struggle with internet connectivity. I found myself stressed out because I could not publish my blog as I normally do. I realized that my risk was my word, putting myself out there working towards my commitment. It greatly bothered me that I was prevented from being able to connect thus hindering my ability to live up to my promise. It was all out of my control and yet I was still disappointed. As I am writing this I hope that we are back online. Whenever you get to it, it means our internet connection is back. (Whew!)

When you sit in the quiet of these pandemic days and ponder, what is it that you value? Where have you risked and shown the world what is important to you? How you spend your time and where you spend your money reveals it most of all. Maybe this gift of time and quiet is an opportunity to re-evaluate what is important in your life and where you might want to take a few more risks. Maybe it is saying no to so many commitments so you can spend more time with family? Maybe it is gaining back your self respect so you have to walk away from people who treat you poorly? Or maybe it is daring to believe that your idea is worth pursuing no matter the financial costs or time demands. Only you will know where you want to risk in order to reveal what you truly value.

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