Revealing Their Own Greatness

Sumi ink on Craft paper – Words: Ralph Waldo Emerson

In times of turmoil, uncertainty and strife it can be hard to feel inspired. It can feel hard to be inspired on a Monday, on tax day, during traffic, or even when you are facing a blank piece of paper wanting to be inspired. We sometimes think that inspiration comes with a choir of angelic voices chiming in to confirm our idea or thought is worthy, or that an aha moment must be tangible to be valued. Some of my best ideas come while I am driving or in the shower. We cannot control inspiration just like we cannot control creativity.

Being someone who inspires people is not always a daily goal. We do not set out to inspire it is our actions, character and habits that lay the groundwork for someone to be inspired. And we can never tell what will inspire others. I ‘talked’ to a friend this week and her family started watching movies on their back porch to feel less cooped up. Another friend told me about how she and her husband have started taking long walks together after work to help them both release the stress of their long days at home. Those may sound like simple activities and yet their courage to change has inspired others to come up with even more creative ways to be together.

We never can tell what will inspire someone else. The best way to inspire is to simply be yourself, be consistent and share your life with others. Not in a humble brag sort of way, in a way that reveals more of who you are and what is important to you. Ya’ never know when someone else starts talking how it will trigger ideas within your own head. We all need people in our world that encourage and inspire us to be a better version of ourselves. Today you may be that inspiration for someone else. Tomorrow you may need someone to inspire you. Live your life, share your life, and give yourself away you never know who is watching and how those things will inspire them to reveal their own greatness.

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