It Isn’t as Simple as Black and White

Collage of the Words Black & White on Black Paper

Wouldn’t it be great if for every choice we made we could clearly see the right way to go, like seeing the difference between black and white. The right answer would be clear and the wrong choice would be obvious. Life would be so easy and without having to discern, choose, make a call or render an opinion all our choices would be easy. We would never be wrong unless we wanted to be wrong, how cool would that be?

We all know life is not about the black and white of things. Life is about things being messy and unpredictable and allow ourselves the freedom of choice. We can choose to be whatever we want, there is no right or wrong. The true challenge is that we have to live with the choices we make no matter how they turn out. Sometimes we end up in the black and other times we can see nothing but pure, clean white. And if we do not like where our choices have led us, then it’s time to make different choices.

We do not do our children any favors when we make their choices for them. We rob them of the lessons we all learned about ourselves, what we wanted, and what we wanted to avoid. Being an adult is living with the choices we made, going without or living in abundance, or somewhere in between. Allowing our children to make their own choices gives them the gift of growing up and learning how to deal with their own actions. I know too many adults who have yet to learn that important lesson.

Make today the day you are willing to face the unknown and look forward to the lessons you will learn. Nothing is as simple as black and white, so let go and live!

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