What a Big Adventure THAT will be!

Sumi Ink on Art Alternative watercolor paper
Words: Constantine Peter Cavafy

Many of us find ourselves thinking and praying more now than ever. We have more quiet time and silent spaces to think and pray about our lives and our future. What we are praying for may be new topics, new things that are happening, and for steady lives we were used to living.

This quote from last century reminds us to think big even when seeking celestial guidance. Ask for adventures and experiences and long journeys that require us to stretch ourselves and our skills to meet the challenge. God thinks big, bigger than we can begin to imagine so why spend our time praying for small lives? Sure the little things are important, God can handle all that. What we need to think and pray about is the ideas, the thoughts, the challenges we will face once our world no longer means social isolation.

The background of this piece was created by smearing Sumi ink with a plastic ‘comb’ I usually use for making splatter marks. I had no idea how it would turn out or what I would use it for, it was simply an experiment in using a tool differently than for what it was designed to do. Maybe this time in history is like that? Putting people, places, things and technology to work in new and different ways without out any idea of what will be the end result. What a big adventure THAT will be.

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