In the Midst of Winter

Brush Pen and Marker on Mystery Paper Scrap – Words: Camus

Earlier in my life when I was facing tough days this quote reminded me that I am invincible, I just had to make decisions and live my life that way. Too often we have days that feel like Winter which makes us feel paralyzed and hopeless. Winter isn’t all bad, it does provide a perspective and experience that reminds us to appreciate the joy, color and life of Summer.

These days of social isolation wear on and wear us down. Trapped inside with ones we love or all alone can make us think strange things. Suddenly isolation is our only constant and what we know becomes a bit murky, like a Winter snow that swallows up the land. Camus reminds us that Winter doesn’t have to overwhelm us when we choose to tap into the invincible Summer inside our souls.

Each day we must make the choice to be at peace with the life we are living. We can’t change or control everything so the solution is to find contentment and joy in our everyday life. If this social isolation is beginning to naw into your bones take a deep breath, put on some flip flops and tap into the invincible summer that is you!

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