Good Reason to Give it Your All

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Doris Leasing, British Writer

It is easy to make excuses for ourselves and what we have or have not done. If we tell ourselves these excuses long enough they become solutions to our problems and valid reasons why we can settle for second best. It only takes a moment for the reason to become our excuse that we use over and over again.

It takes courage and personal integrity to shrug off the easy excuse and work hard towards excellence. It means believing that your hopes, dreams and desires are worth your best effort. It means not allowing circumstances, no matter how bad or boring they may be, to prevent you from giving it your all.

It can be hard to choose when to give it everything you’ve got, when to turn on the volume and when to just do whatever. We never know which what will be most important. That’s a great reason to do things as if every thing you do is important because to someone it is. Instead of committing one more sin, let today be the day that you recommit yourself to only giving the things that occupy your time your all

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