Fun and Games: Never Forget

Sumi ink and pencil on Art Alternative watercolor paper

For week fourteen of our fifty week calligraphy challenge the prompt was to create something about fun and games. I thought about all the board games, card games and outdoor games we played as children. I had a hard time settling on just one. I then saw our pups playing in the yard and this quote from my husband’s favorite t-shirt got stuck in my brain.

I ran around our yard this afternoon with our dogs, who are now eighteen months old, and ya’ know they had no idea there was a pandemic out in the world. They simply gave it their all, frolicked and ran, wrestled and chased anything I could throw. It was good for me to see the care free freedom with which they exerted themselves. It was good for me to get tired from play, and it was good for me to run out of breath and experience tired muscles.

It’s time for a bit more fun and games. Maybe a walk around the block or a little bike riding, maybe a cartwheel in the yard. Whatever it is, think back to your childhood and allow yourself to have a little fun. Fun relieves stress, stretches our brains, forces us to relax and reminds us that life isn’t all about work or isolation. Life is too short to focus on the negative, a game or two helps put things into perspective. Never forget that games taught us how to play, what to play, and that play is important…so get going and play a game!

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