Walking: What Happens Along the Way

Markers on Mixed Media Paper

We are in week thirteen of our fifty week calligraphy challenge and the topic this week was walking. Anything that we were inspired to create around the topic. I looked for poems, sayings and quotes about walking and then took a long walk. While on that walk lots of topics crossed my mind, so instead of creating a piece about walking I decided to focus on all the things that happen while walking. All those things end in ING, hence the words enclosed in the letters ING. It was my husband’s idea to use red on the word love, nice touch I think.

There is nothing like a long walk to help process all our thoughts. Something happens when we are moving and observing all the beauty within sight. The action of one foot in front of the other while thinking, and allowing ourselves to experience some time to ourselves somehow helps sit everything down into the right perspective. Whatever emotion has been pent up, whatever thought has been too taboo to release, or whatever idea has been percolating suddenly has space to go free. Walking helps what is inside our hearts and minds come into the light and find a resting place in our soul.

Whatever you are felling or experiencing during this time of isolation needs a way to work itself out. Maybe the best way to do that is to talk a long walk. There doesn’t need to be a destination or a reason, simply the action of stepping forward can make all the difference in how the rest of your day or week turns out. Your health and well beating is worth a stroll. You will probably be surprised about what happens along the way.

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