You Can Decide Which Way to Play It

Payne’s Grey Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Unknown

Sometimes we forget that every path has it’s pitfalls and puddles. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned and no one’s life is free from the unknown. When I find myself ankle deep in an unexpected puddle I usually get mad and frustrated, and may actually think (or even utter) a few unladylike words. Once I have had a chance to release my inner emotions my thoughts are able to gain control again. I calm down and am able to face this unwanted wetness a bit more rationally.

Once my rational side has gained control I ask myself, is this really a problem, a HUGE problem, an annoyance or more of a minor inconvenience? What at first seems like a mess may actually be an opportunity to splash around a little and have some fun. There is a strange sense of satisfaction when you jump and splash and play like a child in the middle of a huge puddle. What was terrible suddenly adds fun to your day. Most puddles aren’t very deep, yet they provide a really good splashing sound when you jump in them with all your might. Sure you might get really wet but that will all dry off eventually.

So what’s your puddle? Is it a big one you can’t traverse or a minor one you can dip in with your toe and have some fun? Only you truly know and only you can decide which way to play it.

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