Surviving the Grey

Ink & Copic Pen on Toned Paper

While working in my studio I was playing with the concept of black and white. I created different textures and effects with pens on black paper. As I began trying to layout the idea in my head on paper, I slowed down then stopped. I reminded myself that life is not black and white, so my playing led to more and more grey.

Things would be so much easier if everything were black and white, right or wrong, good or evil. We could look at anything – a decision, a choice, people, options and automatically know which way to choose. Living with people would be easier as we would know what they thought with which we would always agree or always disagree. There would be no vague areas or arguments about degrees of or other options. We all know life is not that clear. Very little in this world is all black or all white, most of life falls into the grey.

Surviving the grey is mostly about knowing what you believe, why you believe it and how are you willing to defend and support your beliefs in your day to day life. It means making choices that support what you believe, saying no when what is asked does not fall in line with your beliefs, and standing strong when challenged. Sounds easy, living it can be a lifelong challenge.

Sometimes standing up for yourself means leaving a good thing behind as it is no longer black and white, which means moving towards the grey. Living in the grey means being able to decipher the unclear and vague and tolerate the views and opinions of others. It doesn’t mean you have to agree or disagree, it means being able to allow them to express their passion when it is no where near your own. Life is about surviving the grey with grace and still being able to be yourself. It means not expecting others to change to be like you, it means more listening and less judgement.

So how is life in the grey going for you?


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