New Thoughts: A Lesson Learned from High Fiber Dog Food

Puffy Paints & Markers on Wood Canvas

We are in the eleventh week of our calligraphy challenge and the prompt was to create something from a thought, idea or experience of something new you had recently experienced. Many people did things about the Corona virus and the media coverage of this pandemic. I chose to go a different route…

Earlier this week Biscuit, our seventeen month old puppy, was having a little trouble. She had not gone to the bathroom for three days. Even though Labradors are known as ‘garbage guts’ we knew there was something wrong. After two visits to the vet, two x-rays and five cans of high fiber dog food she finally went potty, outside thankfully. The new concept for me this week was high fiber dog food, I never knew there was such a thing, so I created this homage to it. If I had only known about this product I could have saved us two trips and two x-rays. At least now I know.

The lesson for me, or maybe a reminder, is that sometimes in life we just don’t know what we don’t know. We go into situations with enthusiasm and blind faith not knowing where we lack the information that could actually solve the issue or problem. It is at these times that we have to rely on experts, others with experience, or keep persisting until we do have the right knowledge.

These are the humbling moments, the times when we ask questions to try and learn or understand and become overwhelmed by our own ignorance. These are the times when we have to let our ego, our pride and sometimes our money go in order to gain what we need. We have to be willing to listen and learn and apply that new information to our lives, that is the only way things will change. We have to be willing to admit that we just don’t know what we don’t know. These are the times when we have to work smarter not just harder. Turn to those who know, listen, learn, then act. Who knew high fiber dog food could remind me of this valuable lesson.

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