Everyone Needs a Dreamer for a Friend

Metallic Brush Pen, Gel Pen on Black Mixed Media Paper

I had a great conversation with a dear friend. It had been a while since we talked and when I hung up I could feel that my soul was lifted. We talked about the day to day things of life, yet spent most of our conversation talking about what we are looking forward to in the near future. We shared our hopes and dreams and encouraged each other.

All of us need someone with which we can share our dreams. Someone who listens, encourages us and helps us tap into the inner hope that keeps our dreams alive. Be it a friend, colleague, or family member it takes time and trust to cultivate that type of relationship. No one wants to face rejection or only hear about the pitfalls of a dream, we all need to be encouraged and reminded that we can do it.

I’ve known this friend for almost eight years and both of our lives have drastically changed in that time. The beauty of having a friend that is a dreamer, circumstances don’t change the fire their conversation and presences can ignite in your soul. I was reminded as I thought later that evening about our conversation of how time has made her friendship a pillar in my life. We may not see each other as often as we would like, yet when we speak it is as if no time has passed.

The first rule of having this type of friendship is being willing to be that kind of friend first. Be vulnerable and honest in revealing who you are and what you want. And let time do it’s thing. If you do not have this type of friend, find one and begin building that relationship. If you have this kind of wonderful friend, cherish them and be blessed.

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