Time to Get Your Heart Beating

White gel pen & Copper Metallic Marker on Black Mixed Media Paper

I hear so many people say that they want to have an adventure. They want excitement, spontaneity, and a life filled with exploration. They want to live life on the edge, feel their heart beat out of their chest, and they want to feel the thrill of living every moment to it’s fullest.

The quote in white text reminds us that adventure is not hanging off a mountain it is an attitude we need to apply to the day to day obstacles and challenges of daily life. Life doesn’t begin or end at a certain age or after a specific right of passage. Life is an everyday adventure pushing us to be our best self, even of that means our best self did not go over our budget or arrive to work late. Sure hanging off of a mountain is a superb adventure, so is living and loving and being your true self no matter the situation.

For the first time in my lifetime we are facing a real adventure as quarantine and isolation have become part of our daily dialogue. I say adventure because our attitude greatly impacts how all of this plays out. We are surrounded by fear, statistics and the media telling us how horrible the situation has become in terms of a disease that has almost covered the globe. And all that is true, however we can choose to make the most of our time at home by doing the things we’ve always wanted to do and make it a family adventure.

Life gives us every opportunity to use our time any way we want. Each day we wake we are given the gift of another day in life. That day can be an adventure or a boring replay of the day before. The choice is up to us. So how will you choose to make today your adventure and find a way to make your heart beat out of your chest?


  1. For my adventure, I want to go to Italy today. The hotels and cafes are a bargain right now, but I have read that getting around is more difficult than usual. Sharla has banned me from talking about the ***. I LOVE the piece. Writing in a circle and measuring the spacing is perfect. I wish you would do Bible verses and mix them with hymnal verses.


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