The Path to Success Does Not Include Excuses

Handmade & Marbled Papers – Words by Florence Nightingale

At a time when women were employed merely to clean, cook and follow instructions, Florence Nightingale changed the face of medicine forever. She partnered with Doctors and hospitals to put into action better, safer, more sanitary patient care practices. She wasn’t serving as a nurse to just make beds, do laundry and empty bed pans, she was there to make hospitals a better, more survivable place for everyone. To do that she couldn’t let any excuse – her own or someone else’s – stand in her way.

How many times a day do we let ourselves off because of an internal excuse? We procrastinate and figure we can do it tomorrow. We rationalize why we’re making a solid decision to wait. We even dig deep and let past pains or current emotions get in the way of doing what we know is the right thing to do. All of this because we have let excuses make things easier instead of just getting up and moving forward.

All of us have things that prevent us from being our best selves everyday. Life doesn’t always deal us a straight hand, yet that is no excuse to let the circumstances we face prevent us from doing what know only we can do. There will always be circumstances just like there is always weather. Neither is predictable, fair, or something we can control. So like Florence we need to stop giving and taking excuses. We need to just get out there and do the good we were put on this earth to accomplish.

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