Texture: Do the Work and Let Others Decide

Various Black Pens, Sumi Ink on Mixed MEdia Paper

This is the tenth week of our weekly calligraphy challenge and it was all about texture. The challenge was to create texture and variety with words. I woke up very early and had an idea in my head. I did two other versions and didn’t like either of them. I guess the third time is a charm. The words are the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23.

I began by writing the text over and over again within different shapes – squares, circles and triangles. I utilized different black pens and brushes. My goal was to cover the page. I wanted the final text to be in red as the focus for the page. When I finally stepped back I realized the page looked like something created by a disturbed individual or a serial killer. How ironic that the fruits of the Spirit could look this creepy.

This is not what I thought this would look like. I’m not sure I like it. I made a commitment to myself that if I did a piece for each week’s challenge that I wouldn’t make mine the only voice of judgement, I would let the group have their input. I have had several great comments, my husband loves it, and it is growing on me…time will tell.

Over the years I have completed many pieces of art that I did not like, and those were the first ones to sell. I don’t understand it, I have yet to figure it out, so I have learned to do the work and let others decide. Of course I want to present my best work, however sometimes I am not the best judge of my best work. Art is subjective and people are all different, so I have yet to find the perfect formula for the perfect piece. I just know to do teh work and let others decide.

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