Money Well Spent

Today is cleaning day at our house. We have a team that comes in once a month and cleans our house from top to bottom. Of all the money we spend each month, these are the best earned and spent dollars we have. We waited a long time to be able to afford this luxury and are blessed every month by the team that puts their hard efforts towards cleaning our home.

We all have bills to pay and luxuries we afford. Knowing the difference is what helps us to be grateful and hard working at the same time. We vote with our money and our feet. Where we go, what we do, how we use the resources we have been given shows what is important to us. Be it a daily trip for expensive coffee, a night at the movies, a flashy car or big diamond ring, or even having the house cleaned, how we choose to spend the money we earn tells people a lot about us.

I once worked with a a man who was dating a new woman and the holidays were coming up. He wondered if he should buy her an expensive gift or wait and see how things progressed. He lamented for several weeks and asked me what I thought. I reminded him that he had only known her a couple weeks and whatever he chose to do would let her know how important he wanted her to be in his life. He ended up buying her an expensive handbag. They have been married over ten years and have two beautiful children. To this day he talks about that being the best investment he ever made. The purse let her know he was serious.

Not all of us value things, not all of us value what money can buy. However we all value something and the way we spend our money exemplifies the choices we are will to work to fulfill. When you look at your own life, what do the choices you make with your hard earned money tell people about what is important to you? What does it tell you about yourself?

Today I give thanks for hard work and being able to afford to pay other people to work hard on our behalf. Earning money and spending money is all about choices. Today we are blessed by the choices we have made.

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