Yet Another Rainy Day

It has been raining here for over a week, and I can tell that it is beginning to effect our household. The dogs and cats are feeling a little cagey. They want to go out and play and yet when they do it’s not as much fun to frolic as everything is soaked. Sure we can always use rain just not in these amounts over this period of time. I can see in their eyes that they want me to make it stop so they can run around and play. I I wish I had that power.

With another grey, wet day in front of us I have to try and think of the beautiful side of all of this. We are going to have a spectacular Spring. The flowers and plants have had plenty of water to lengthen their root systems, and the birds have been feasting on worms. Though it can be hard to see down the road and appreciate the life that rain brings, it can be done. It just takes a bit more effort.

Days like today remind me that we have to take the wanted with the unwanted portions of life. Living and thriving means dealing with the good and the bad as both are two sides of the same coin. Without the grey rainy day we would not have beautiful flowers or blooming trees. Without puddles and worms we would not have the life giving elements of water. And without water we would all certainly perish.

So I’m taking a deep breathe and letting the dogs back outside to play in the rain. I’ll towel them off for the hundredth time when they come back inside. Maybe this is a good day to take a nap!

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