Making Things Look Easy

This is the auditorium at the John C Campbell Folk School. The group on stage is practicing for Morning Song, the way each day begins. Between the music, the quilts on the walls, the pieces of beautifully crafted work throughout, and the generations of people who have spent time in this place there is nothing missing.

A lot of hard work goes into making things look easy. The people on stage practicing have probably played and performed these tunes for decades, and yet they are still there practicing once more. They want to give it their best, so they invest in practice, practice and more practice. The people who do the behind the scenes work do the same tasks over and over again, and they make it look easy. It is the efforts they complete when no one is looking that makes the magic happen each and every week.

Somewhere someone is doing their task over and over again, just so they get it right. They practice, prepare, plan and do it all over again so that people like you and I are the beneficiaries of excellence. They want each time things start for them to start from the best place possible, which means doing things behind the scenes so it looks easy. Doing it behind the scenes means other people have no idea of the work, commitment and effort it takes to pull off excellence.

Where are you investing your time and your energy to pull off excellence? What do you think is important enough to do over and over again even if no one ever knows about it? Who are you serving by the efforts you make when no one is looking? And how are you better for it? Our character is built in the quiet hours, behind the scenes when we are the only audience of our labors. These moments are when we remind ourselves that what we are doing is important no matter who knows the amount of work that went into making the magic happen.

There is power in excellence, and that power is built stronger each and every time someone practices in the empty halls of this world so eventually an audience can be reminded that easy isn’t always easy. My hope for you today is that you have something in your life that you make look easy even if no one knows the amount of effort to took to make it look easy.

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