It’s Just a Matter of Time

Our kitty Cookie has taken to sharing the bed with our big dog Gravy. I would never have imagined it possible, yet she seems fearless. The urge to be warm was more important than the fear of a big dog, so she sat down and has now claimed her spot.

Sometimes to accomplish what we thought was impossible we have to find something greater than our disbelief. Be it a practical o personal need, when that need is greater than what we thought was impossible suddenly the focus changes. Even a little kitty can overcome the odds and a huge dog simply because she wanted to be warm.

It is amazing how many times our goals seems too large to handle, when all they really need is to be broken down into smaller more practical needs. Meet the need and one by one the steps to the greater goal becomes simple. Take a small step forward to meet the need, then the next step and the next step suddenly are not so far away. Next thing you know dogs and kittens are sharing a big bed, resting together and enjoying some warmth. It’s just a matter of time.

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