The Joy of Hammer to Metal

My husband and brother are learning to blacksmith this week at the John C Campbell Folk School. It has only been one day and they are having a blast! They’ve built several things and have a plan for bigger projects throughout the rest of the week. I can hear the excitement in their voices and the fun they are having as they learn a new trade.

Our goal is to build our own forge, which meant finding out if they like working with metal before we begin to build. Their excitement and passion has confirmed that they indeed plan to spend years learning to work and create in metal, so soon we will start our own forge. It will take time and lots of patience as we plan. I’m thrilled that this class has proven to be as much fun as we all anticipated.

Hooray for the people who are experts in what they do and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. Passing down the traditions and skills to keep handmade items moving forward. In a world where information is often seen as power, kudos to those who are willing to let go of the power and teach the next generation of creators. And kudos to those willing to step outside of their normal realm and learn something completely different. The joy of the hammer on metal resounds loud and clear for these two men and I look forward to seeing their creations.

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