Knowing the Difference Makes All the Difference

I found our kitten Cookie sleeping on our sofa in the sunshine. She was fast asleep and nothing seemed to bother her. She was warm, safe, and content to sleep there for many hours. It was the perfect picture of a cat nap in all ways possible. I have been recovering from a cold this week and have also been taking cat naps. It is amazing what twenty minutes of quiet, warmth and silence can do for our mental and physical health.

I’m glad our kitty was able to remind me that rest is important. This time of year the weather changes so quickly and people forget to take into account the huge temperature shifts such that they often end up chilled and getting sick. Giving our bodies just a few moments to refresh and relax can have a great impact on our ability to perform for the rest of the day. It also means we have to be willing to stop and rest, which is usually the harder part of this venture. Knowing when to stop and regroup instead of just plowing right through to the end. Knowing the difference can make a day of strain turn into a day renewed with a short rest.

I had a boss once who would go out to the car at lunch and rest. They set a timer, sat in silence, and allowed their mind to clear. Their energy level was always amazing and once I learned their car nap secret I understood how they maintained their energy and composure. They would then eat something at their desk and work refreshed with a clear head. Not many people knew they did this so there was very little chance of being disturbed.

Knowing ourselves, knowing the demands of our life and responsibilities, and knowing how to slow down is true wisdom. Nothing goes for very long without fuel or rest. Knowing the difference between pushing the limit and turning things off to refresh can make a huge difference.

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