One Little Twist Can Make All the Difference

This is a creative use of vintage yard sticks, it is a table top. I love how they combined the colors and directions to build texture and interest. Sometimes it isn’t how you use what you’ve got it’s how to change things in how you use what you’ve got. Anyone could have patterned the rulers along straight lines, this craftsperson mixed it up and delighted us all.

I’m always encouraged and inspired when I see people reuse, repurpose and reinvent the simplest things. It reminds me to think about what I have in different ways. Items on shelves, papers in boxes, stuff in the junk drawer all serve as fodder for the next fun idea to hit my brain. Sometimes being creative is just using things in a different way than expected. Turn it on an angle, upside down, or use the back. Just one little twist can make all the difference.

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