Their First Snow EVER!

It’s February in North Georgia and we had five or six inches of snow fall throughout the morning. It was the first snow our puppies Biscuit and Gravy have ever seen, and they were not completely sure what to do with it. They couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and why it covered everything. They chased snowballs and licked the mounds. They ran after falling snow and walked up and down the driveway trying to figure out how everything got so white.

We had fun watching them have fun. Once they got over the initial surprise of it all they then spent a portion of the day just sitting in snow mounds and chasing snowballs. Their delight brought joy to us all and reminded me of the contagious nature of childlike enthusiasm. As they discovered all the newness of snow their energy became our energy.

We may not see snow for another four years, so I am reminded to enjoy the fun while it lasts. Never let the power of being an adult prevent you from enjoying the innocence and enthusiasm of childhood. It would be a shame to miss out on a snow day purely because you are all grown up.

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