Life Can Change in an Instant

The fog rested softly on the grass as the morning slowly showed itself to the world. Within five minutes of the sun rising this beautiful fog had completely lifted revealing the green grass and budding flowers. In an instant the day had changed and the peaceful beauty of the fog was gone until another day.

As I looked out on this picturesque scene I was reminded that life changes on a dime. In an instant everything can change leaving a totally new perspective that needs to be managed moving forward. I spoke to two women who both were cancer survivors. Both had been cancer free for multiple years and were doing all they could to maintain their health. Both women described the moment when they were diagnosed and how in that instant their life was changed forever. Being a survivor had changed them, their perceptive, and what was important in their world.

I talked with another man who had a child that was recently killed in a car accident. His oldest son died instantly when his vehicle was hit by another driver who was texting. The father’s pain and anger was evident as he described attending his son’s funeral. “It isn’t natural for a parent to bury a child”, he said. He told me that the other driver’s choice to break the law by texting and driving changed his family’s future in an instant. Their world would never be the same.

We sometimes forget that life makes us no promises, that there are no guarantees, and that everything can change in a fraction of a moment. I’m not sure what is happening in your world today, good or bad, I encourage you to cherish it. The good will hopefully propel you forward and the bad will eventually become the situation where valuable life lessons are learned. We cannot control what happens to us, we can only control how we react to it. So let today’s moments serve you well and allow yourself to change with what life brings. Be it a foggy day or one full of sunshine, a day above ground is a good day.

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