Is It Time to Eat and Run?

Whether you eat on paper plates or the finest of china, something miraculous happens when people share a meal. Conversations begin, thoughts and ideas are shared, and whatever bonding needs to happen begins to happen.

You know that. You’ve been there when it happens. And you’ve been there when the only way to describe a meal is “awkward!” When no matter what is served or how yummy dessert is, nothing can smooth over the uncomfortable silences, unwanted words, and tension between diners. Eating is a universal need and most of the time a universal pleasant experience. None of us will ever forget the awkward meals we’ve survived and the hope that they never happen again.

Sometimes all you really want to do is eat in peace and leave as quickly as possible. You don’t feel well, the food is only mediocre, or the people are ones you would rather not see chew or yet again hear them lack any sense of decision making ability as they order from the same menu they have been reading for years. You know you have to eat and for some reason this is not the meal where you feel the need to help decide between the Cobb salad and the friend fish platter yet again! UUUGGGGHHHH!

For some people high maintenance means status, being important or being in control. For some of people conflict is fun even over a meal, for others meal time is not the place or time to stir it up and punch the buttons. Most of it depends upon how you were raised around meals. Some families yelled and screamed and that’s how they communicated, others ate in silence and still others talked a lot to review the day. No matter how you prefer your meals be aware of how everyone else at the table behaves and know when they eat and linger or eat and run. Ya’ gotta eat but it doesn’t mean you have to sit there and take it. Only you know the difference.

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