Have the Guts to Go First

Sometimes being creative means doing whatever it takes to get the idea right. I always test my pens and markers before I write on a final piece, here my desk shows all the various ways I test before I progress. Sure I could find a clean piece of paper and do the same things, somehow it just ends up on the desk if only for the fun of it. We forget that when we do, others see us do and they follow our lead. Once I wrote on a students desk they in turn did the same thing. By the end of the class their desks were as colorful as mine.

When go outside the box we give others permission to do the same. When we think big we allow others to be even more creative. It is as if a door is opened and our creativity allows them to walk through in freedom and joy. Our job is to simply hold the door open and encourage them to go far beyond their wildest dreams. It is an amazing moment when a student has the courage to walk beyond themselves into a new and colorful place.

Each time we have the courage to create we invite others to do the same. It is a lot of responsibility and pressure to know that others are watching. It is also a great gift to see beginners stepping through their creative fears towards an entirely new place in their creative life. There is a great quote from Picasso, “to live the creative life we must first lose our fear of being wrong.” By going first, marking the paper, opening the door, we encourage others to let go of their fears and move beyond themselves. Then we get to sit back and watch as they blow our minds with what they can imagine and produce.

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