Suddenly It’s All About the Basics

I started coughing last night and woke up this morning with a full blown head cold. It’s amazing how being sick puts everything else into perspective. The to do items are not so important and the tasks you had to get done can wait. When we do not feel well we function from a bare bones perspective. The basic functions of life are all we can think about.

Some of us want to be taken care of, waited on hand and foot knowing that someone cares that we are not well. Others of us take a very hands off approach and want to be left alone to rest and recover. No matter how you prefer it is nice when someone is there to care about your well being.

Many people try to tough it out and go to work despite feeling poorly. As if it is some sort of badge of honor working and being sick, forgetting that sharing the sickness is not an optimal choice. If the work is that important and no one else can pitch in there is something more wrong with your workplace than not being able to stay home and recover. None of us is indispensable or so important that staying home is a crime. Maybe our bodies are telling us to take it easy, let someone else do it, and allow them to learn what you already know how to do.

I’m going to bed early, knowing that the best medicine is rest. I am thankful for the people who invented over the counter drugs to help me sleep, and I look forward to dreaming of Summer days and sunny afternoons.

1 Comment

  1. Hope you feel better. Weather is 70 today. Freezing Wednesday. Drink orange juice. I’ve taken so many benedryls that I think I’m resistant.


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