What a Day Like That Can Reveal

My husband I spent the day ‘plinking’, which is our word for hanging out and just walking around. We ended up in a junk, antique, vintage store that had really great metal items. To most people it looked like a huge pile of junk. To us it looked like a world of endless ideas and possibilities. The challenges is taking it all in and figuring out what could turn into something else and was it worth the work and investment. It may sound stressful but it is our way of relaxing.

How do you relax? What do you do for fun when you are with people you care about? And when was the last time you did that simply because you could? Sometimes the best days are the unplanned days, the no agenda days, and the lets just see what might happen days. Maybe today is a good day to go plinking and spend time with someone who is important in your world. You never know what a day like that can reveal.

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