A hunch is Creativity…

People learn by hearing, and people learn by doing. When they get their hands dirty, their fingers messy and their own efforts into a piece of art they learn more than any lecture or video can provide. This week I am using examples of different layout options to teach my class about calligraphy. They are now knee deep in creating their own artwork and learning their own lessons.

I used a quote to demonstrate how different layouts can illustrate the concept. “A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” Frank Capra said that. The photo you see is seven different payouts we went through as a class, then I put them on paper. Each one shows a different set of layout ‘tools’ that make each one look very different. As I did each piece we put them the wall so everyone could review and learn the different tricks and tips about layout. The beauty of art is once you know the rules you can then break all the rules.

It is astonishing what happens when people understand the rules and then run wild with their own ideas. Papers fly, surfaces get covered with materials, the room goes quiet and people stretch beyond what they thought was possible. When there is not just one way of doing things the possibilities are endless. When they are free to fail, learn and try again imaginations grow and expand. When people are free to break the rules and see the results of their efforts it is fascinating what inner ideas now move to the forefront and end up on paper.

How amazing life is when we allow ourselves to step outside of the routine and dare to imagine a better way. What better way might you have if you broke all the rules?

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  1. I thought the phrase ‘people understand the rules’ was interesting. Classic design is rule based. Breaking the rules is forcing a reinterpretation in a way.


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