Buzz Words…

For the forth week of our calligraphy challenge we were prompted to create something to illustrate buzz words. Buzz words are utilized as part of our daily vernacular and have an underlying meaning or use. I chose to go with a corporate theme and had fun asking my ‘corporately’ employed friends the words they hear most often. I created this with Zig metallic brush pens on Strathmore black mixed media paper.

With all the words in the English language why do we need to use buzz words to express ourselves? As I reviewed all the words my friends shared, most of them were regular words that have been ‘slanted’ with a positive spin for an underlying negative meaning. Instead of saying what we mean we twist words to hide the real message we are communicating.

When we need help, all we have to do is ask. When we need to leverage someone else’s expertise to reach a goal. why not just say that? When we want to deliver a message with a specific purpose why do we not just spend the time and effort to talk and convey what they need to know? All too often we get caught behind the words we use instead of just being clear and concise. We may think we are being efficient, strategic or smart in how we leverage our vocabulary, when in reality we are hiding behind buzz words to sound like everyone else.

The ability to communicate clearly with words and deeds is a great skill. The greatest part of that skill is not talking, it is listening. In order for us to be able to communicate our message we have to first listen to understand then we can clearly share our ideas in a way that our intended audience will be able to process. Without hearing what they have to share we cannot create the bridge for our ideas to easily flow. More words, buzz words or even hidden messages does not mean we are good at communicating, those words only mean we are good at talking and talking and communicate are not the same thing.

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