Heritage…Victor not Victim

Today the prompt for our fifth week of the calligraphy challenge posted. The word was ‘heritage’ and we were asked to do anything to do with our family, the past or anything related to the topic. I thought about all sorts of wonderful things from my heritage, all the beautiful photographs, and so many fun stories. I also know that I am traveling all week and have no time to create, so I did the first phrase that came to mind. I used a parallel pen 1.5mm with Pentel and Zig brush pens on Strathmore Bristol paper.

Sometimes I think we forget that the things from our past do not have the power to dictate our future. They are in the past and they only have power over us if we let them. The old tapes, the horrible experiences, the broken relationships, the mistakes we have made and the things we left undone only haunt us if we give them the bandwidth.

This quote reminded me that all the things in my past do not have the power to create barriers and walls that prevent me from succeeding. They are the moments in which I have learned and become who I am today. The past started me along a path and now I have the power to choose my own steps using what I learned and experience before. If I get bogged down in the past it is my choice. If I have bad things from my past that keep me in chains then I need to seek help, learn the lessons, let go of the guilt and pain and move forward as a victor not a victim. I can only control two things, my actions and my attitude. The past is over and done so I have to choose how to let it go and move forward in victory.

Easier said than done on some days. Easier to do with some people in life than others. Easier to do when I am far away from the place where the pain happened, so again I have to choose. We are all in life where we have chosen to be, so choose wisely today where you want to go.

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