When All Else Fails There is Always Hope

There is something to be said when hope is fulfilled, when the end of the story turns out the way you desired. Suddenly the relief is there and a burden is lifted. Which meant first and foremost there had to be hope.

Life changes on a dime. A thin moment, a simple decision, or a message missed can change everything for the better of the worse. We plod along each day with the perception that we are moving forward when we really don’t know how it will all turn out. We make plans and act, decide and keep moving towards what we think we want, hoping things turn out. Because if there was not hope how dreary and dark would this life be.

I spent the week talking to people about their hopes for the future, what they want and what they are willing to do to get there. All the while not knowing if anything they do will really impact their future hoping that it turns out for their good. Those who have been disappointed can find it harder to muster the courage to hope. Those who have been burned feel jaded and betrayed and hope seems like a distant light too far to see from their window. And those who keep moving forward may not recognize the hope in their hearts yet it is there. Hope may be fragile but it is hard to kill.

We live in a strange, wonderful and complicated world, when all else fails there is always hope. The key is to keep moving forward, keep learning, keep doing something, anything to see progression. It is at those moments when hope feels lost that hopes swoops in and fills the voids, heals the wounds and wipes away the tears. No matter how you are felling today remember there is always hope.

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