Can You Say That About Your Work Day?

Today we had an electrician come and do a few items on our check list. He installed lights over our garage doors. This may not sound like an amazing topic, yet it is. We set up the appointment and he confirmed the day before. He arrived when he said he would, he did what he said it would, and he cleaned up after himself. Every item we asked him to do he did with pleasure.

This is supposed to be the experience we have when people agree to do work; yet in these days of quick fixes, online everything, two hour delivery and find a faster way to get it done I was struck by the genuine care this vendor provided for our home. It was wonderful to know that craftspeople still enlist words like service, quality, expertise and value. He greatly improved where we live by applying his trade to the best of his ability, no compromises, no babysitting, no hesitations, no concerns. His efforts renewed my faith in the value people feel in a job well done.

It’s called work ethic. Not just hitting the numbers, growing the numbers, not doing more with less, this was a day full of good old fashioned pride in a job well done no matter what it takes. As the recipient of those services I was glad to pay the fees for services from a man who values what we value and showed great care and respect for our home. I have no doubt this man goes home at night with a great sense of satisfaction knowing he made the world better for someone today, simply by doing his work and applying his excellent work ethic.

When was the last time you felt that way about your work day? No matter what you do to make a living how consistently do you apply your efforts and make someone’s world a better place? How often can you rest your weary head knowing that you did your best work no matter the circumstances? If you don’t feel that way or haven’t felt that way in a while, what is preventing you from that sense of satisfaction? Tomorrow would be a good day to invigorate your daily activities with work ethic and pride in a job well done.


  1. You live in a different universe. Here, first you get charged for a ‘trip’ to your house. Now, we don’t live in downtown Atlanta, but come on now. Then, cancellations and reschedules are SOP. Usually, they are accompanied by a ‘Sorry’ email note. I can say more, but the point is there is so little competition. We called five different fence companies and they quoted to the dollar the same amount without having visited the site.


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