Exercise Your Wisdom & Their Brilliance

I am grateful this week for manual labor. The work I do myself and for those we hire to do jobs we do not know how to do ourselves. No matter who you are and what tools you use to do your job, there will always be things you can do yourself and things that are better left to someone else. Wisdom is knowing the difference.

Being able to do something doesn’t always mean you are the best person to do it all the time. Once we know how to do it, there can be a great opportunity for someone else to learn how to do it. If we always do it then they are never given the same opportunity we were and as a result they never learn, and we become to doer by default. We cannot be the someone who does it all the time for every task, if that becomes the case then we are never able to progress as we are always doing and never learning anything new. Delegating, deferring, or asking for help allows others to put their skills to work and allows us to do something else.

It is at these moments when it is time to put ego aside and work smarter not harder. If someone else does it then time is on your side. If you do it on top of everything else you have to do then time becomes your enemy and there is never enough time to go around. Many times the problem is knowing who else could do it, taking the time to explain it, then letting them go do it…even if they do not do it exactly your way. Do you want the task done or do you want it done your way? Those are two very different situations. Once again, wisdom is knowing the difference.

We each only have twenty-four hours in a day. Being wise enough to leverage time by allowing others to do what they do best is simply brilliant. Being able to let things go to someone else and not always having to be the center of it all, in control or the go to means wisdom is again the rule of the day. Your challenge today is to find something you do and let someone else do it. Exercise your wisdom and their brilliance and move on to something else.

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