Knock It All Down and Start Over

As we grow and mature and figure out who we are as well as where our gifts lie, we begin to make commitments, promises, set goals and build a life. We learn what we want and how to get there which means making lots of choices and decisions.

Over time the responsibilities, pressures and commitments can build up to become more than we can bear. Each thing we are responsible for builds on the last thing until we create a fortress, like this stack of toothpicks, that can seem overwhelming. Close up all these sticks look like a strong wall, but stepping back creates perspective to see the truth of the situation.

We are taught that truth is a black or white concept when in reality it gets bent, twisted, turned and told in the fashion that best suits the teller. Truth is only true when all the facts are faced and the twists and turns are avoided. A wall of toothpicks looks daunting close up when in reality a small kitten could knock them over without any effort.

To handle the truth about our lives we have to face the facts about ourselves, our choices, the consequences of our choices and what we are willing to do to change the situation. If you do not want the pressure from all the commitments then slow down, focus and stop saying yes to everything. Maybe what you think is a wall or fortress is simply a stack of toothpicks? It may seem impenetrable in your own mind when the truth reminds you that you can knock it all down and start over.

Put your wisdom and truth to the test and build what you want not what you think is what everyone else expects.

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