It Reminds Us We Are Not in Control

We had a rain storm this afternoon that was both powerful and creepy. Within moments the sky was black, the trees were swaying like curtains in the wind, and water started pouring such that we could barely see out the windows. As the rain kept pelting our house both my husband and I went silent. The gravity of the situation hit us at the same time. What do we do? We have nothing we can control other than getting to safety.

Within about ten minutes the skies were clearer and the rain was coming down at a regular pace. We began talking about the darkness we just experienced and were very thankful that our lives and our home were in tact. We later found out that more than 17k residents lost power for hours on end, and I can only imagine the flooding problems.

It is hard feeling helpless. When something hits that you have no ability to do anything about. Sure we pretended that we can handle most things in life, today reminded me that Mother Nature is really in control and we are just passengers on this planet. We can prepare, plan, be smart and play it safe yet in the end we are at the beck and call of nature no matter what.

The good news is everything got a wonderful soaking, so no need to water anything that was outside. Hopefully it means we will have a more beautiful Spring as all the foliage has had plenty of water. Bad news is the bugs and mud will be more prevalent than in other years. With a house un harmed, people and pets safe and sound, a lot of water is nothing really to deal with. Just a few moments of terror followed by a rainy afternoon. It helps remind us that we are not in control.

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