Rivalries…the Kitchen Sink Piece

For our second week in the calligraphy challenge the topic was Rivalries or competitors. Be it famous or otherwise the goal was to illustrate opposites or rivals. My husband and I brain stormed more than a dozen, and I began by working on nature vs nurture. While in my studio I started thinking too hard and nothing I liked was happening, so I switched to logic vs imagination. I call this my kitchen sink piece as I used everything in it BUT the kitchen sink. I started with a gel print on black paper that I made years ago. I then added gel pens, colored pencils, wink of Stella, metallic pens and kept going. I had a lot of fun trying to make the word imagination look as unique and active to offset the black and white of logic.

I was reminded this week to simply go with what is working. All too often we try to do things and it feels like forcing a square peg into a round hole; no matter how hard you try it never turns out like you wanted. It is as if the universe is telling us to let go and try something else or be patient and try again later. Somehow we prove to be successful when we listen and stop pushing the square peg harder. Wisdom has taught me to let go, stop forcing things and try something else. For me this week it meant being open to using anything that was a writing instrument except the kitchen sink, and in this case wisdom helped me prevail.

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