Someone to Turn the Lights Off

Some days we have lots of energy and some days our best efforts are spent around taking a long nap. Being aware of what gives you energy and what drains it is a huge self awareness moment. When we were living out our more youthful days we never had to think about our energy level; as we grow older it somehow becomes a topic to think about and to manage.

I started a home improvement project and am close to eighty percent done. I’m glad to be on the downward end of things. At the end of each day I felt the work I had done in my muscles and bones, a sure sign of getting older. I don’t mind as I am glad to be still be able to do what I want when I want, even if it takes me a bit longer to get it all done. Sure it takes more time to do something now, so I have learned to give myself a break and plan according to my energy level now not the one I remember having ten or fifteen years ago.

Over the years I have learned that not everyone has the same energy level nor do they want to expend it the same way I do. Some people I know are morning people while others thrive in the late hours. Some like working early in the day and others want to ease into the workload later in the afternoon. Neither way is right or wrong, it’s just being aware of how the people around you work best and respecting it enough to adjust to it.

People are not like light bulbs that you can turn on or off. People need to be able to function and produce at their best level no matter what you think or expect. That can be hard when you are trying to get things done with others. Being aware of when you work best and asking others how they work best means being patient and kind. No one likes someone to leave the light on all the time. Everyone needs a rest, time alone, or someone to turn the lights off.

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  1. That’s why I need 10 hours of sleep before I begin to make sense of people and they make sense of me. My mother slept for five hours and was ready to tackle the world every day.


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