Kindness…Strength in it’s Purest Form

It’s the first week in our fifty week Calligraphy challenge. As we start again to complete a piece each week, this week’s prompt was the word kindness. We were asked to simply use letters, no illustrations or other embellishments, only letters. This is watercolor on Aquabee paper with Copic .25 pen for the black portions. I plan to use this year to play with watercolors and other tools with which I am not very experienced, so lots of experiments and mistakes and much, much learning.

I searched for many quotes about kindness then it hit me that I talk about kindness with my clients all the time. From a corporate perspective people seem to believe that being nice is wrong, it shows weakness and leaves the impression that you are a pushover. In reality kindess is not weakness, it is strength in it’s purest form.

To be able to get things done while bringing out the best in others is an incredible gift. To be able to deliver a message of correction, disappointment or frustration while remaining clam and kind is a true sign of self control and wisdom. And to be able to think of the feelings and emotions of others while delivering the truth means humanity and caring for the heart of people is one’s greatest concern.

These rare leaders are the ones people will walk through fire to work for and serve. These kind people know that in the end it is how people are respected and treated that makes them loyal, conscientious and strive for excellence. Bringing out the best in others means letting kindness reign as a value amongst all the other negativity, garbage and poor corporate mantras out there. Kindness is not weakness it is wisdom and strength at it’s best.

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