It Only Takes That First Step…

If you’re like most people you made some decisions about things you want to do this year. Stepping up for more, stepping down to allow others to serve, learn something new, work on your physical fitness, show more kindness, write the great American novel, or maybe just be a better you than you were last year. Whatever it is, whatever you want to do, today is another day to take the steps to do it.

And then those tapes go off, the ones that tell you how much you have failed in the past. The voices that remind you of how much work it is going to be or how hard it is to figure out where to get started, and then they remind you of other relaxing things you could be doing instead. Do you cave in or stand tall and hunker down? Do you overcome the past or slide right back into the habits you want to break? No one will now but you, ugh!

We can be our own worst enemy when trying to change. We get stuck in a rut and think about how no one else will do it, know it, or change it so why bother? We are comfortable, reliable, the one who does things and it seems to be working until you remember what it was you set out to do for the year. And you breathe a heavy sigh and take that one step. Then another step, and suddenly by the third step you are moving.

What’s that old saying, the longest journey starts with a single step. Make today the day you decide to simply take one step. No one expects you to tackle the entire goal in one day so give yourself a break! Take the one step, do it well, then take another step. Before you know it you will be moving forward leaving the things you wanted to leave behind out there in a cloud of dust. All it takes is that first step to get moving…so get up and get moving.

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