It’s the Tiny Spark that Keeps Dreams Alive

I have talked to several people that are looking forward to this new year. They are glad to leave the turmoil and trials of last year behind them and have hope that this new year will bring about change in their lives. I talked to others who are looking farther forward in the future. They are thinking five, ten fifteen years out. They too have hope in their future, hope that they will reach their goals, and hope that the life they imagine is possible.

Hope is a very powerful emotion, more powerful than most people imagine. Hope may be frail but it is hard to kill. Once hope plants a seed it remains despite the circumstances. Hope may feel temporary as the weight of the day, the month, the year proves otherwise, yet it still glimmers deep down reminding us that what we are experiencing is only temporary.

When faced with things like abuse, addiction, neglect, heartache, dismay and even family strife the lie these circumstances try to implant is that nothing will ever get better, you deserve this, or you are not worthy of anything other than this dysfunction. Hope is the cure all, it leaves a tiny spark of sunshine inside our hearts and reminds us that nothing is forever, these circumstances can be overcome, and things will work out in the end. It may not always be the ending we want and yet with hope we can handle whatever ending we reach.

We all need encouragement at one point or another. We all need a clean slate or a fresh start with the hope that things will get better or be different than they are today. We all need to be reminded that time, effort, and hope work together to help us make our lives better than they are today. When all else fails words of hope sustain us long enough to keep us moving forward. Share your words of hope with others, they may be just the words they need to see that the light at the end of the tunnel is worth the journey. Hope is the tiny spark that keeps dreams alive, fresh and possible.

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  1. Thanksgiving Chapel in Dallas? True about hope keeping dreams alive. Hope is the vision of things to come, not all of them merely dreams.


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