A Tale of Two Kitties

Our two kitties somehow are learning how to get along, live together and have slowly become friends. They have begun to play together, groom each other, and run up and down the halls rough-housing all along the way. As time passes they will become more and more compatible and more and more like friends. Friendship takes time spent together doing things you both like to do.

As this new year begins I am thankful for my old friends, my developing friendships and I look forward to making new friends. It is the people in our lives that matter most and if we are blessed we call many of those people in our lives friend. Some friends stay for a lifetime while others serve a purpose for a point in time then move on. The key to friendship is working first towards being the friend you always wanted before expecting the same of others.

As you look forward to this new year what friendships do you want to continue, what friends do you want to get to know better, and what openings do you have in your heart for making new friends? How are you prepared to change your life, your habits, your thought process towards being a better friend? What are you willing to give first before expecting it from others? And what do you want and need from a friend that you can provide for someone else who needs that exact same thing from you?

Time alone will tell and test the value we place on people. It is how we love them, serve them, work with them and encourage them that endures beyond borders and breakdowns. Make this year a year of friendship and learn how to bring out each other’s best for the world to see.

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