Rest Hard and Play Hard

I was doing a few things around the house today and walked into our living room. It suddenly hit me that every living creature in our house was fast asleep but me. I wondered why, so I sat down, covered myself with a blanket and began the process of rest.

It felt good to doze, relax and let all the cares of the world wither away if only for a few moments. My mind slowed down and I could feel my body release all the tension of the day. Amidst the soothing sounds of a snoring husband, snoring dogs, and a napping kitten I too drifted to sleep. When I awoke everyone else was still snoozing.

When we want to get things done the things we usually sacrifice are sleep and time with our family. Work, deadlines, pressing matters and to do items somehow always seem to circumvent the more important things to staying healthy. We forget that we are not much good when we are not rested and content. We might think we are being productive when in reality we perform harder and produce less. Being productive means first and foremost taking care of our physical and mental selves, which takes time and commitment.

Everyone sets New Year’s goals, maybe this year is your year of a good night’s sleep? What if you experimented for thirty days to see what going to bed at a decent time and getting up at the same time does for your physical health. Maybe you have the freedom to take a short nap, or sit quietly on a break to allow yourself to rest? However you do it, don’t forget that a cat nap can make you stronger, wiser and more productive. Like our kitten Cookie, she rests hard and plays hard and is growing like a weed. You too can be better and stronger simply by taking better care of your physical self. Your life and your dreams are worth it.

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