Beep, Beep, Beep: Welcome Home!

There is something special about being greeted by a friendly, eager pet upon arriving home. Our puppy Gravy loves greeting cars as they drive up our driveway. He has learned that someone is coming when our gate goes, beep, beep, beep. Gravy runs to the top of the hill so he can see who it is and if he recognizes them he runs to greet them. If he doesn’t he barks to let them know he is in charge.

I get a big kick out of watching people react to our puppy greetings, especially the ones with wet kisses, gunky bones, or way too enthusiastic tail wagging. Dogs are great at saying hello, even if they only saw you three minutes ago. Because dogs have no sense of time they never hold a grudge, check their watch, ignore or behave passive aggressively to make you feel guilty for being late. They are simply glad to see you and have no doubt that you are glad to see them. Dogs are the ultimate example of welcome and enthusiasm rolled into one.

Everyone likes to feel welcome when they arrive, no matter who they are or when they arrive. There is a relief and sense of belonging that comes when a hand is extended for a handshake or a smile freely appears. The beep ing of a horn with a hand wave, extended arms for a bear hug, a slap on the shoulder to say hello, or a kiss on each cheek – however it is done these actions are a great way to greet someone. Actions and words can make all the difference in helping all of us to feel wanted, accepted, part of the group and important. There is nothing worse than being ignored or forgotten.

As you welcome in a new year, how will you do it? With a simple nod or an energetic bear hug? Does the year know you are excited for it to arrive, or do your words and actions let it be known that you are not up for anything new? Take a moment in your day today to set the tone for the year to come. Let the new days know they are welcome, that you are excited to see them, and that you are ready for anything. Take a deep breath, let the old year go and the new year arrive with joy! Time is ticking, a day above ground is a great day, listen for your new year’s beep, beep, beep and welcome it in with joy and enthusiasm.

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